Calvin Horse is focused on providing quality products at reasonable prices for every type of person. By focusing on Half Chaps, Leather Gaiters ,Riding Gloves and Boots our products in terms of quality and quantity are becoming one of the most popular brands in the equestrian market. The goal of Calvin Horse is to provide innovative products and reach the quality beyond the usual boundaries.Our passion for our customers is what has enabled us to get to where we are today and we have no plans to stop there!

We take great pride in delivering top quality product and service to customers and markets around the world and a programme of continuous improvement ensures that we do not rest on our seats. Not only are we constantly trying to improve upon our already great products, but we are also seeking out and designing new products to satisfy our costumer demand.We are one of the few players on the market that provide both production and distribution.

Please take a moment to look around our website and see what others are saying about our products and our services. We have dozens of product reviews from our own customers to help you make those important decisions on what to buy.

When buying Calvin Horse products, you will have the following advantages

  • You are assured of quality, perfection and innovation
  • 24 hours available by phone or e-mail for advice and support.
  • 100% Product Guarantee.
  • We offer free Retailer delivery in NL .
  • You are not tied to a minimum quantity.
  • Payment Guarantee.
  • Easy dispatch.